Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Busy Week

This past week was tremendously busy but so much fun! We started off the week with Little Philip starting preschool at All Saint's Episcopal Preschool. He absolutely loves being back in school. He craves the structure and loves singing, dancing, painting, and playing with new friends. His teachers say he is very loving and is a big help when they put away their toys each day. Both the sets of grandparents were in town, with NeeNee and Poppy Porter coming to move Aunt Lizzy out of her apartment and Mamie and Bop Bop Moss coming for the annual veterinary conference. That meant Little Philip had every book he owned read to him and he triumphed in persuading two grandparents into taking naps with him in his bed. NeeNee helped me create some ready to smock bishop dresses and bubbles for Helen while Poppy did what he does best, tire Little Philip out playing in the backyard and helping him with bath time (notice the goggles in the accompanying picture). Mamie and Bop Bop helped us finally finish our kitchen renovations. While Mamie and I tended to the little ones, Big Philip and his dad hung the tin tiled back splash. Let me tell you that they make this look super easy on HGTV but it is anything but! Working all afternoon and night Friday as well as Saturday, it was finally finished. It looks so good and for those of you who read about the cockroach experience, everything did get taken out of the cabinets and cleaned in the process.

We had a major scare on Saturday morning when we realized we had not seen our beloved cat, Atticus, since Thursday night. He must have slipped out the front or back door when we were coming or going. Saturday morning we called for him in the front yard and were met by a neighbor who sheepishly handed us his red collar and tag that was found on her driveway by the fence. It was a sickening feeling. I hung up lost cat signs immediately and prayed for the best. Little Philip asked all day long, is Atticus lost? Did Atticus run away? Mommy choked back tears all day trying to put on a brave face. Late Saturday night I put one more thing in the recycling bin on the deck and took a peek out the back gate to find Atticus sitting by our cars. It was a huge relief!

I had hoped to take a picture of Big Philip and Bop Bop enjoying their morning coffee in front of their kitchen handy work this morning but drinking coffee and visiting a bit more was much more important. Doesn't it look great?
Thank you to Mamie, Bop, NeeNee, and Poppy for a wonderful visit and lots of help!


The Schaefer Family said...

Little Philip is so cute in his pre-school picture. He looks so proud and happy! I think your week was busy to say the least! You kitchen looks great. The Moss men did a great job.

Shelia said...

The kitchen looks fabulous!

fyi - we still have Little Philip's birthday present in the car. Maybe I can drop it off one day on the way home or to school.

ruthie said...


Katherine Moak said...

Wow to the kitchen backsplash!!! Looks great. And Philip looks like such a big kid! I can't believe they're really "preschoolers" now.

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Renie I LOVE the backsplash. That looks great! So nice to have handy men in the family. Thanks so much for all the desserts. You were sweet to load us up. We've been munching on them all week!