Wednesday, December 07, 2011

More Surgery and Update on Little Philip

Helen had her tonsils and adenoids removed this morning, marking our third family surgery in less than twelve months.  She came through like a champ, and is resting comfortably in her mom and dad's bed right now.  We know the next week will be rough, but we've allowed plenty of time for cuddles, extra attention, and patience as she fully recovers.  We hope this will help her sleep through the night since she never has, even in the womb!

In other  news, we did hear back on Little Philip's test results today which confirmed that he does have Neurofibromatosis Type 1.  We will be scheduled to see Dr. Bruce Korf in January to learn more about managing this condition in our son.  He will have a brain MRI to rule out any major concerns or, at least, be aware of any concerns that may need to be addressed.  Again, there are far worse diagnoses we could have been faced with as parents, so we are trusting in God's timing and plan to help us discern how to approach this as symptoms present themselves in throughout his life.  He is a perfectly healthy little boy, incredibly smart, with the biggest heart you've ever experienced, and the best friend any kid could possibly have.