Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pick Our Menu for Valentine's Day

Philip and I will be celebrating Valentine's Day in house this year, which is still very appealing considering my man is the grill master of all things meat and fishy. Today he handed me a beautifully printed menu and asked me to pick my three courses. We thought it would be fun to share and ask friends and family to pick our menu. It may seem a bit eclectic but hey, we are working with what food we already have or at least cutting down on what we have to purchase to make a romantic meal this year (with a three year old and almost one year old in tow). So what would you choose if you were me? Answer by Friday please!

Moss Valentine's 2009


Cheese Quesadilla
Crunchy Onion Rings
Main Course
*Comes with choice of house or Caesar salad, bread, and vegetables
Grilled Catfish on a bed of wild rice
Southwest Seasoned Catfish with pasta Alfredo
Filet Mignon topped with sliced, sautéed Portobello mushrooms and a savory brown sauce

Grilled Pears and Brie drizzled with honey
Brownie with ice cream
Milk Shake- your choice of flavors


the skocelai said...

oh my goodness! can we swap husbands for the evening? just for dinner? i'm getting hot wings this year :). I would choose the onion rings to start, the filet mignon and a ceaser salad, and the pears and brie for dessert. and the perfect cheap wine for your meal would be the house wine from world market. what a treat you have in store for you!

Jen said...

yummy! onion rings, grilled catfish, (house salad), pears with brie. ENJOY!!

Clan Hill said...

onion rings
catfish w/ alfredo
brownies....always brownies!
So, what time should we be there?

Olivia said...

I would choose the cheese quesadilla for the appetizer, filet mignon and a caesar salad for the main course, and top it off with an irish creme milkshake. (Ever had bailey's in one?--It's amazing.)
Sounds like a wonderful evening...

Avery Tales said...

Hey Renie! It's Lurenda from sewing class! I love that your husband is doing this. What a romantic. I would go with the onion rings, filet mignon and brownie! Just let me know what time and Ben and I will join you guys! Ha! Have you seen my awesome new driveway?? :)

Amanda said...

Hey Renie,
I would go with the cheese quesadilla, the filet and house salad. and then my favorite, the brownie and ice cream. your husband is so sweet to have come up with that idea.

as a cheap alternative to valentine's out of house this year, we too are staying in. I am going to Aldi to purchase 2 of the filet's wrapped in bacon for $1.99 each filet and to publix to get 2 lobster tails for $4.99 each tail. not a bad price for a stay home romantic dinner in.

Amanda @ BSC (we miss you!)

The Adams: Robert | Tiffany said...

Yum! I would go onion rings, filet, cesear salad, and top it off with a chocolate milk shake! What a sweet husband!

The Schaefer Family said...

My mouth is watering already....
Onion Rings
Filet Mignon (my fav)

never had the pear thing - though it sounds yummy - so, I would go with a sure thing ----

Hot Brownie - smothered in hot fudge - ice cream and whipped cream! Yep..that would do it for me! Oh, and for later...a few chocolate covered strawberries would be THE BOMB!!!

Steph said...

onion rings - filet - brownie.

Also, your hubs is awesome. It seems y'all appreciate each other, which is good!