Friday, February 06, 2009

The Toy That Lasts

Most people know the basic premise of the Toy Story, a boy and his pull-string character, Woody. Woody struggles with Andy growing up, feeling neglected by Andy, or so Woody thinks.

Little Philip's nursery was decorated in a cowboy theme. One of his (and our) favorite gifts he received was a plush brown rocking horse. If you squeeze the left ear he whinnies, neighs, and clippety-clops. At the time, we wondered if Little Philip would ever love this horse as much as we did. When he first showed interest, he patted the horsey. Then, we would hold him on the horsey and rock him back and forth. Then, he did it all by himself. Now that he is all boy, he "rocks" through the house, falling off the horse, offering it carrots, and saying that the horse needs more gas. He will turn four this July and that horse is still a daily activity for him. Thank you, again, Miss Laura!