Friday, February 27, 2009

Inquisitive minds

I have been cleaning the house lately, trying to find space for organization and, well, more space. I had an old beanie baby from a former boyfriend that Little Philip plays with from time to time. It always bugged me that the cute little beanie puppy had some history to it. The boyfriend's dog was caught chewing on the puppy's nose long ago and to this day, it bears the scars from that attack. Since Helen is chewing on anything and everything, my concern was that she would end up with stuffing down her throat when I turned my back one day. So Mama did what was best and put the puppy out of its misery.
Hey Mommy? Why is there a puppy in the trashcan?
Because he's falling apart, honey.
But why, Mommy?
He's just really old and it's time to throw him away.
But I want him to get better (sobbing).

The puppy stays.


Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

You were old enough to have a boyfriend when Beanie Babies were popular???

the skocelai said...

That's why things around here get discarded when the kids is sleeping and NEVER in the inside trash. Things always go in the dumpster outside where there is not hope for rescue or sobbing...

Philip and Renie said...

Oh, Tiffany, you are too kind!

Steph said...

My trick is to always cover the evidence in the trash can. But then you are nicer than me. :) That is kind of a bittersweet story there.