Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

This lovely music is inspired by my loving husband of almost eight years, who, without a doubt, outdid himself for Valentine's Day. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions for our romantic menu. Here are the results.

The table was set with our fine linens, china, crystal, and silver.
The other lovely couple joining us for the night preferred a more casual style at either end of the table.

First and second course - Caesar salad with shrimp and green pepper quesadillas, grilled to perfection.
Main Course - Fillet Mignon wrapped in bacon centered with baby bella mushroom sauce and accompanied by french cut green and garbanzo beans. Notice the lighting changed to candlelight at this point.
Look at how he perfectly captured what a medium rare fillet is supposed to be.
Dessert - A total surprise not on the original menu- chocolate dipped strawberries with fresh sweetened whipped cream and chocolate fondue married with angel food cake and pretzels.

Here's my "come hither" face just before biting into my last strawberry before, well, you know...

...we went to watch the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, peppered with Princess Bride and the King and I during all commercial breaks.
Remember kids, a good marriage is all about give and take.


the skocelai said...

i LOVE that you are wearing last year's retreat shirt on your romantic evening!

Avery Tales said...

What a great Valentine's Day! Your hubby is such a sweetie.

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Glad y'all had such a fun night!

Clan Hill said...

Ending with Princess Bride IS a perfect Valentine's day!

Steph said...

ha, that's great! I love the bit about the other couple that joined you. The food looks awesome!