Monday, December 08, 2008

Potty train up a Child and...

It was in September 2007 that we began the battle that made me seriously question my ability to be a mother, let alone maintain my sanity. We did not plan on trying to potty train that early but Little Philip said he wanted to try. Remember the singing potty? That was ploy number one followed by:

Tickle Me Elmo used for "potty training in one day" - FAILED
Star charts - FAILED
Sticker charts - FAILED
Hand stamps - FAILED
Setting the timer to go off every 10 minutes to go potty - FAILED
Skittles - FAILED
Fruit loops to eat while trying - FAILED
Fruit loops to "shoot" while trying - FAILED
Books about the potty - FAILED
Watching mommy try - FAILED
Watching daddy try - FAILED
Watching Nee Nee try, - FAILED - not to mention disturbing
Peer pressure - FAILED
Dollar tree toys - FAILED
Picking out new big boy underwear - FAILED
Any toy the boy wants he can have if he'll just potty - FAILED
Running naked at all times we are not in bed or at school - FAILED
Choreographed "tee tee" dance that Mommy will do if... - FAILED
One piece of Halloween candy for each time you tee tee - FAILED
Two pieces of Halloween candy for each time you poo poo - FAILED
Watching all potty training videos on YouTube possible - FAILED
Watching Elmo's Potty DVD - FAILED

We don't know what did it but Philip has not had an accident since last Thursday. We are speculating that perhaps it was that we are stressing how important it is that Little Philip set a good example to his little sister. We've noticed him trying to show her how to crawl, how to hold a book, how to clap, etc. He really takes his big brother responsibilities seriously and it is so flippin' cute. Daddy recalls mentioning to him that one day he would teach Helen how to use the potty. Could that have been the sticking point we've so longer for now for over a year? Whatever it was, we are super relieved!


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Steph said...

I know what did it. I went through the same hullaballoo (and coinciding emotional roller coaster about how I was not doing my job right), but children do the potty thing exactly when they are ready to do it regardless of your effort. My daughter turned 3 and at that point told me that 3 year olds use the potty and that was that.

(Oh, hi, BTW, I am reading your blog. Good writing. I am enjoying it. :)

the skocelai said...

And, then you have the mothers like me, whose child is asking "Will you please potty train me?" I don't wanna! It starts a whole new battle I just don't feel up to yet. Someone tell her she's too little, PLEASE!

Jen said...

OK, no accidents with #2, too? hooray! We've been ok with #1 since Sept (only 2 accidents in 3 months ... yay ...) but #2 is still a no-go. Any pointers, magic momma? Congrats to Little Philip from us!

C said...

This is probably a little odd, but I googled "student affairs" and "stay at home mom" and found your blog. I'm a SAP (student affairs professional) that is making the transition to being a SAHM.

If you'd like to connect and don't think this is too odd, my email address is I probably won't be checking it until Monday though.

I totally understand if it is too weird...I'm a bit paranoid about the internet at times. :o)

Mark and Beth said...

Congrats Renie! What a relief! Sometimes we just can't control how or when things happen- we're just glad when they finally do! Love keeping up with you on your