Monday, December 15, 2008

Bathroom Cleaning

Once a week, sometimes more, I am faced with this.It is the doorway to filth, filth that must be eradicated. Now that we are potty training, I am feeling compelled to increase the weekly cleansing ritual because of this. Having grown up with all girls, I had no idea about boys in the bathroom and how often they miss, especially when they are three and are so easily distracted. And since I am more concerned about the cleanliness of the actual body parts of the family, there is this to clean as well. While talking to a friend today I told her that the tub currently resembled a crime scene. She suggested that a few M&Ms had been the victims of a violent crime. I couldn't have put it any better myself. See what I mean? And please notice how thrifty we have become, molding pieces of old soap onto new soap, resulting in a lovely bouquet of yellow deodorant Dial, Ivory, and Lever 2000.

Mr. I-Like-To-Draw-Big-Dark-Lines-All-The-Way-Around-The-Tub is rather fond of grinding the bath crayons deep into the grout line between the tile and tub. It requires the strategic use of an old toothbrush to remove, along with an entire bottle of Soft Scrub.

Ah, the joys of keeping the house tidy, or at least attempting it. And then, I see this...

and know it is all worth it.


The Schaefer Family said...

Our bathroom looked very much like this one for a long time. I, however, was unable to completely rid the grout of their new colors! I probably didn't try quite as hard though. enjoy their youth!

Michael said...

It was pretty messy when I lived with Philip too.