Wednesday, September 09, 2015

2014 Children's Tumor Foundation Annual Report

I am pleased to share with you the 2014 Children's Tumor Foundation​ Annual Report.  Within these pages are messages of hope through reported advances in research made possible through your ongoing support.  Within these pages, I see the names and faces of family and friends who have supported us through the full range of emotions we have as parents to a child significantly affected by neurofibromatosis.

We are less than $1000 from meeting our 2015 Team Moss goal of raising $20,000 for Children's Tumor Foundation.  Whether you can join us on October 18, 2015 at the Alabama NF Walk or not, we encourage you to partner with us by registering or donating today to help us meet our goal.

Next week we leave for Bethesda, MD, for Little Philip's grueling medical evaluation prior to beginning the AZD6244 drug trial.  We are thankful that this trial is made possible by the combination of our family and friends, the committed talent, expertise, and passion of our medical team led by Dr. Bruce R. Korf​, the outstanding Children's Tumor Foundation staff that has become like family to us, and the countless scientists working at this very minute, literally in places all around the world,  fueling our hope that a cure will be found in our children's lifetime.  Thank you, friends and family, for loving us so well.  Your benefit not only the Moss family but over 2 million people living with NF worldwide.  A few images from the full 2014 Children's Tumor Foundation Annual Report are below that show some familiar faces that appear within the report.  The full report is listed below as well.