Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fruit Analogy and Preparing for Reunion

In keeping with the fruit theme, Baby Moss number two is now the size of a small lime at 12 weeks. We have my Vanderbilt ten year reunion in three weeks and I'm thinking any cute little dresses I currently own will not be making the trip to Nashville. My friend Mandy's rubber maid tubs of maternity clothes may be getting their second wear a bit earlier than anticipated. My sorority sister, college suite mate, and long time friend Amy Wohlken is due with her first baby the first week of December. When I called her today to ask about what to wear to the big class party she said "don't worry, you'll look way skinny next to me." Oh Amy, I hate to say it but after all those times I got passed over by all the good looking Vandy guys that were after you, your words were music to my ears!

Vandy girls at SATCO in Nashville in November of 2005.

Monday, September 24, 2007

We Went Potty!

I'm going on the potty now,
it makes me proud, 'cause I know how.
I use the potty everyday.
And then I flush it all away,
And everybody says hooray!
(the really annoying song our potty sings)
OK, so we're not quite everyday. In fact, we just went potty for the first time tonight on our little potty. There was a brief errant stream that Mommy caught and then she quickly whisked me three feet to the side to my potty, where I continued my evening constitution. I was so amazed to see what Mommy and Daddy have been talking about these past few months. It seems pretty easy, so I think I get it now. Besides, Mommy looked so funny jumping around cheering for me that I think I'll need more entertainment like that soon. That, and I get a canister of play dough when I go potty. Seems like a pretty decent deal.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Phone Game

Big and Little Philip have come up with a new game. Daddy hides the cordless phone somewhere in the house and Little Philip pushes the page button. Little Philip then squeals with excitement as he runs from room to room trying to find the phone.

On a rainy day or when all else fails, we highly recommend this game!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So, each week I get these random, often annoying and numerous, emails from, just to remind me that I'm pregnant. I'm so thankful for these reminders because I could so easily forget with all the nausea, exhaustion, backaches, sleepless nights, and hormones. At any rate, this is week ten of pregnancy and I am actually starting to feel less nauseous which is a very good thing. All other symptoms remain very much present, especially the rapidly exploding waist, which has me thinking I need to fish out those stored maternity clothes a bit earlier than I originally anticipated. Here's this week's update from

Though she's barely the size of a kumquat — just an inch or so long — and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce, she's completed the most critical portion of her development. Now is the beginning of the fetal period, when her tissues and vital organs mature rapidly. Her liver, kidney, intestines, brain, and lungs are in place and starting to function, and they'll continue to develop throughout your pregnancy. During the next three weeks, your baby's length will more than double to nearly 3 inches.

I couldn't remember what a kumquat was so I found this image. It's not a fruit we buy regularly. Over the next few weeks and months, I think will compare baby's size to more common fruits like limes, oranges, honeydews, and cantaloupes. With our genetic mix, I think watermelons and giant pumpkins may be a better comparison. Remember, Little Philip was 9 pounds and arrived 10 days early.

It's funny that this week refers to baby as a girl. If you ask Little Philip, he will tell you Mommy is having a baby girl. If you ask him if he wants a brother or a sister, he will tell you he wants a sister. We shall see if he is right sometime in November. And yes, I am finding out the sex. I think we've had quite enough surprises lately!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Catching Up

Ok, so we've had a lot of exciting news to handle lately and I've been terribly remiss in downloading pictures from our camera, let alone sharing news on our blog. So, forgive me while I catch up.

This past weekend: Aunt Helen and Uncle Randy came through town , along with Mamie and Bop. They were here for a wedding in Selma and Randy was here for a softball tournament. Little Philip was sure to show his affection, showing off that he gives really good, big, sloppy kisses.

BSC's First Football Game: It was incredible! BSC won 43-13 and the crowd hit 4,000. Remember that BSC has 1400 students and this is DIII football. Little Philip loved the excitement. In this picture he is gripping the arm of a friend, Tyler Peterson, who also works at BSC.

Labor Day Weekend: We shared in the celebration of the baptism of Gavin Bekurs. Of course, the Bekurs are from Louisiana which means they celebrate with a big mess of boiled shrimp, red potatoes, and corn. Yummy! Little Philip enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with his friend, Sadie, Gavin's big sister.

Labor Day we had some friends over for a cookout. Kate is Philip's friend from Trinity TCDC. Kate can count to ten and we are hoping she will rub off on Philip. Their teachers tell us that they are very good friends and play well together...for two year olds. Kate is getting a baby brother in November.

Our friend's Mandy and Brad baptized their baby boy, Matthew. Mandy's aunt made the christening dress. Aren't Mama and baby boy beautiful together? Matthew is a spitting image of his father but I took the picture of Mandy because she looks so incredible only ten weeks after baby.

Pregnancy brain will not let me remember exactly when but Mamie and Bop did come for a visit in August, when Bop was here for his continuing veterinary education conference. Little Philip loved having his grandparents here, especially lounging around in pajamas Saturday morning. That's when we told Mamie and Bop that we were expecting another baby. Little Philip handed them a book to read to him. The title is I'm a Big Brother. Mamie cried immediately. It worked on the NeeNee and Poppy Porter too, just a few days earlier.