Sunday, September 09, 2007

Catching Up

Ok, so we've had a lot of exciting news to handle lately and I've been terribly remiss in downloading pictures from our camera, let alone sharing news on our blog. So, forgive me while I catch up.

This past weekend: Aunt Helen and Uncle Randy came through town , along with Mamie and Bop. They were here for a wedding in Selma and Randy was here for a softball tournament. Little Philip was sure to show his affection, showing off that he gives really good, big, sloppy kisses.

BSC's First Football Game: It was incredible! BSC won 43-13 and the crowd hit 4,000. Remember that BSC has 1400 students and this is DIII football. Little Philip loved the excitement. In this picture he is gripping the arm of a friend, Tyler Peterson, who also works at BSC.

Labor Day Weekend: We shared in the celebration of the baptism of Gavin Bekurs. Of course, the Bekurs are from Louisiana which means they celebrate with a big mess of boiled shrimp, red potatoes, and corn. Yummy! Little Philip enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with his friend, Sadie, Gavin's big sister.

Labor Day we had some friends over for a cookout. Kate is Philip's friend from Trinity TCDC. Kate can count to ten and we are hoping she will rub off on Philip. Their teachers tell us that they are very good friends and play well together...for two year olds. Kate is getting a baby brother in November.

Our friend's Mandy and Brad baptized their baby boy, Matthew. Mandy's aunt made the christening dress. Aren't Mama and baby boy beautiful together? Matthew is a spitting image of his father but I took the picture of Mandy because she looks so incredible only ten weeks after baby.

Pregnancy brain will not let me remember exactly when but Mamie and Bop did come for a visit in August, when Bop was here for his continuing veterinary education conference. Little Philip loved having his grandparents here, especially lounging around in pajamas Saturday morning. That's when we told Mamie and Bop that we were expecting another baby. Little Philip handed them a book to read to him. The title is I'm a Big Brother. Mamie cried immediately. It worked on the NeeNee and Poppy Porter too, just a few days earlier.

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Clan Hill said...

I love that you had Phillip hand over the book to tell your family you are pregnant! I will have to remember that whenever #2 comes around.
By the way, great placement with your pictures and text!