Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fruit Analogy and Preparing for Reunion

In keeping with the fruit theme, Baby Moss number two is now the size of a small lime at 12 weeks. We have my Vanderbilt ten year reunion in three weeks and I'm thinking any cute little dresses I currently own will not be making the trip to Nashville. My friend Mandy's rubber maid tubs of maternity clothes may be getting their second wear a bit earlier than anticipated. My sorority sister, college suite mate, and long time friend Amy Wohlken is due with her first baby the first week of December. When I called her today to ask about what to wear to the big class party she said "don't worry, you'll look way skinny next to me." Oh Amy, I hate to say it but after all those times I got passed over by all the good looking Vandy guys that were after you, your words were music to my ears!

Vandy girls at SATCO in Nashville in November of 2005.

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