Monday, September 24, 2007

We Went Potty!

I'm going on the potty now,
it makes me proud, 'cause I know how.
I use the potty everyday.
And then I flush it all away,
And everybody says hooray!
(the really annoying song our potty sings)
OK, so we're not quite everyday. In fact, we just went potty for the first time tonight on our little potty. There was a brief errant stream that Mommy caught and then she quickly whisked me three feet to the side to my potty, where I continued my evening constitution. I was so amazed to see what Mommy and Daddy have been talking about these past few months. It seems pretty easy, so I think I get it now. Besides, Mommy looked so funny jumping around cheering for me that I think I'll need more entertainment like that soon. That, and I get a canister of play dough when I go potty. Seems like a pretty decent deal.


Hilary said...

Way to go, Little Philip! I'm sure you are just ecstatic and perhaps sighing in relief that you are conquering this milestone and you're surviving it. Congratulations on your success!

Philip and Renie said...

Well, we've not had a repeat yet but I'll take a little progress every now and then! I'm off work for two solid weeks at Christmas so I have a plan to make that potty training bootcamp time.