Tuesday, March 21, 2017

MEK Trial Restaging Visit results from November 2016



Willie said...

I am a person with NF considering selumtinib a MEK to shrink my tumors. What drug did your child take and what were the side effects?

Willie said...

What were the side effects of the MEK chemotherapy drug your child experienced? How many time per day and for how long did your son take the drug? I am a young adult with a plexiform considering a MEK Drug as a way to shrink my tumor so I was looking into other peoples experiences first. NIH Cancer institute is too far from California so Dr Dombi and Widemann are looking into compassionate use for me as a local oncologist can take care of that. Also I know one of your blog friends Dakota. I am glad chemotherapy work for her brainstem tumor.

Renie Moss said...

Hi, Willie. Can you email me at mossrenie@gmail.com? I'd be happy to share our experience with you