Monday, September 02, 2013

First Day of School

And just like that, my children are all in grade school.  As pithy as it sounds, I truly blinked and my precious infant daughter was standing in front of her new school ready to meet her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cooke.

Helen was very nervous about starting school.  She loved her sweet teacher, Miss Sherry, at Trinity CDC and the loving preschool environment the school provided.  This was a big step for her small but growing spirit of courage.  There were some tears, lots of prayers, and encouragement from friends and family.  In the end, there was one person to help calm her, make her feel safe, and help her trust that this was going to be a great new adventure.

This is one of those images I will replay in my mind for years to come.
Philip Jr, second grade.  Helen Boyce, kindergarten - 2013