Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tiny Blessings

Wednesday - van needs two new tires - one tire had a chunk of wood through it, the other a long screw.

Thursday - six foot black trim piece is missing from driver's side of the van.  Lovely white bracket squares now adorn the side where the black trim piece once was.

Sunday - driving home from church we spot the trim piece on the corner of Greensprings and Lakeshore.  

Unlike the Mazda, bread ties are not holding that trim piece on the van right now.  We think it will hold this time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tenth Anniversary

Post by Philip:

July 21st 2001 was one of the hottest days of the year for an out door wedding.  We started the day with our photographs at 9am.  There was a small rain shower then that had us all worried about an outdoor wedding.  However, the rain passed and it was clear and hot!  I remember thinking on that day how lucky I was to have such a wonderful wife.  Here, ten years later, I still have those same feelings.

On July 21st 2006, for our fifth anniversary, my wife posted a wonderful blog post about the starting of our relationship and the things that she appreciated about me over the first five years. I think that it is only appropriate that for our tenth I post a similar list.

She is driven: As I look to start a doctoral program next weekend, Renie is already talking about when she will start ‘her’ doctorate. Renie has had several jobs with tons of responsibility and always done a great job. She also goes well beyond just ‘doing the job’, and looks for things to add or change…mainly to help others.

Her desire to save the world: Renie wants everything to be better after she leaves. All that she touches she wants to improve. Jobs she has taken and volunteer opportunities Renie looks for things that can be done to help others more.

Sense of humor: It is hard to be around Renie very long without laughing. Her taste in movies and her appreciation for “clever’ writing will often bring me to tears as she recounts what she read or saw. Since having kids we have been to very few movies but as they get older I am hopeful we will have more opportunities.

Her strong faith: Renie has never stopped praying for me and our family. She is always praying with the kids and talking to them about spiritual things. She makes me want to do a better job in my spiritual leadership with my family.

Her love for people: This is strongly tied to my second point but I wanted to include it as a different point because her love for others is what leads her to want to save them. She loves her kids and as we continue to ‘learn’ how parent I constantly learn from her interactions with our kids.

Her beauty: Since day one, I have been drawn to her. It doesn’t matter the length or color of her hair everything about her is attractive to me. It is probably tied to her loving spirit but I truly think she is beautiful.

She loves me: In spite of my failures and mess-ups over the years she has stuck by my side. I did not anticipate the move to Birmingham six years ago and I do not know where God will take us over the next few years but I know that together we will be fine!

There are plenty more things that I could write about my wonderful wife. I am truly blessed by God with her in my life. I do not deserve the blessings I have experienced over the past few years.  I look forward to seeing where God will lead us and our beautiful kids in the years to come.