Friday, December 05, 2008

Fancher Wins!

An update on our earlier caption contest. The Fancher family wins! The caption about belly button gas was just too funny not to pass up. Now, we are making fudge but we have also become addicted to a new thing - cake balls. This recipe courtesy of my home girl on the range - The Pioneer Woman who offered this recipe at Halloween. Here are some pictures of this addictive concoction. There are two major ingredients that you simply mix together. A cooked cake and a can of icing. Then you simply dip in chocolate and decorate. Mmmm... I took two pictures to show everyone. For the sake of good marketing, I had to bite into one so you could see the moist delicious chocolate center. Because it was blog related, weight watchers points were not counted in the making of this picture.

These things are confection crack and I highly recommend them. This is not to say that fudge isn't also oh-so-good but everyone knows what fudge looks like, right? So, Fanchers, your choice - irish cream fudge (with or without nuts, your choice) , or cake balls?

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