Monday, June 30, 2008

ALDI vs. Publix

Beloved, Publix, you know we are close, but these are trying times. And trying times calls for drastic measures. These past few months I have turned right into your sparkling parking lot, pulled into your "reserved for new moms" spot where a smiling worker sweeps me into your climate controlled interior with a smooth rolling shopping cart, complete with wet wipes. After stopping by the cookie counter for a free cookie that keeps my son happy for most of the trip, the smell of your Publix Apron's meal station draws me close, along with the ease of each ingredient for such dishes within arms reach of the sample table. Your cashiers practically know me by name and they definitely know my children, asking how they are doing each and every time. They never ask for the penny item coupon in the Sunday paper. Instead, they simply give me the discount, knowing how badly our family needs that third bag of tortilla chips for the week. Sometimes I think I hear angels singing as I go back to my car, led by a smiling assistant who loads the groceries while chatting pleasantries, refusing the tip I always try to offer. As I pull out of your parking lot, I turn left back towards home, but for a second or two, I look across the road to ALDI wondering how long I can hold out.

You know how in high school there was that kid that is totally uncool until a couple of cool kids starting hanging out with him and then the girls were all over him? ALDIs is kind of like that. It took a few friends to taunt me but now I'm hooked. Today I did some heavy shopping at ALDIs but had to slink back across the street to get some red wine vinegar and green onions that ALDI did not have. I took my ALDIs receipt in and did a few comparisons. I was shocked and here's why. The following items have two prices listed. The first is Publix and second is ALDIs.
  • Dozen large eggs - $1.79/$1.39
  • Graham cracker pie crust - $.89/$1.57
  • Graham crackers - $1.09/$3.99
  • Strawberry frosted miniwheat cereal - $4.29/$1.79
  • Cream of chicken soup - $.99/$.47
  • cream cheese frosting - $.99/$1.99
  • Bag of buttermix salad greens - $3.99/$1.99
  • Gallon of skim milk - $4.39/$1.99

My disclaimer is that I've always bought the Publix brand on any item possible, except peanut butter because Publix peanut butter has a funny aftertaste. So all of the above Publix prices are on their store brand. I only compared the price on about 60% of my groceries but just from that, I saved $27.37. That is at least 25% lower than if I'd bought everything at Publix.

Isn't that amazing?


Shelia said...

I really like Aldi. I used to go when we lived in Maryland, and I have friends that love the ones in NC. I have only been to the one in B'ham a couple of times; for some reason I 'forget' it is there -- probably related to living in Hooverwood. Maybe they'll put one close to us. However, they're building a new Publix right by one of the entry roads to our subdivision so it will be hard to go elsewhere...

Candace said...

Unless you are a crazy couponer and can get $150 worth of stuff for $30 at Publix, then Aldi is the better deal. Check out these websites:, (Publix forums).

The Hill Family said...

hi! i just came across your post..curious if you still shop at Aldi? i recently discovered it. =) i was couponing at Publix..but still spending more than i wanted. thanks for any feedback. =)

Renie said...

I still do shop at ALDI, mainly for dairy items like eggs and milk. It's hormone free and so much cheaper than Publix. Other than that though, I do my shopping at Publix with couponing. It's so much cheaper than Walmart or ALDI.