Sunday, June 08, 2008

Moss Beach Week 2008

We've just returned from another memorable Moss Beach Week in Perdido Beach, FL. Some of you may recall that this annual family reunion was the first date Philip and I had. This first picture has 48 people in it, four generations of Mosses. Talk about first date anxiety! If you need the background story on how Philip and I met, let me know as it is complex to explain here. Anyway, this year's time with family was so very enjoyable and we loved sharing the newest member of the family, our Helen. Little Philip was off and running with his cousins from the time his feet hit the ground. He is going to have a hard time this week without so much excitement!


the skocelai said...

little philip's looks like he got a really big boy haircut. or is that just his beach hair? :)

Philip and Renie said...

It's a sore subject. Daddy took him to get a haircut :(

the b-line said...

My my my! That's a lotta family! Looks like fun! We're planning a family beach trip in July--but just for the 6 of us. :)