Sunday, August 31, 2008

Six Random Facts about Renie

Per Sarah's request, here are six, scratch that, four random facts about me. As a woman, I have to leave some level of mystery to remain a bit alluring. Arrrgggh (ok, that was supposed to sound sexy but typed out it just does not work).

1. I am obsessed with wedding cake icing. I love it. If you ever see me at a wedding, I'm usually up close when they cut the cake, towering over the little kids also hoping for the piece with the most icing. I am particularly fond of square or octagonal wedding cakes. Why? If I play my cards right, I end up with a corner piece with at least three sides of icing. Don't believe me? Check out your wedding albums for the cake cutting picture and see if you see me salivating somewhere nearby trying to photo-bomb your picture in order to get the big icing piece.

2. I love to plant and garden. I know our current house does not allow me to indulge this hobby of mine but someday soon I hope to recreate my big vegetable and herb garden we made in Kentucky. After reading See you in 100 Years, I long to put such a project in action, but with plumbing, and electricity. Besides, have you seen how much a red bell pepper is in the store? $1.49? Please, a bell pepper plant barely cost that much at the start of planting season!

3. I love novels about the South, the more Gothic and bizarre the better. I love Pat Conroy, have read everything by William Faulkner, and hope and pray that the rumor is true that, upon her death, Harper Lee will posthumously publish a second novel to follow the amazing To Kill a Mockingbird. If anyone knows of a really good contemporary novel set in the South, please let me know. I read the Ya Ya trilogy year ago and thought Little Altars Everywhere was the best of the three in the series. Since then, I have tired of all the fake wannabe authors that followed like the Sweet Potato Queens. Give me a serious read!

4. Before I had children, I had a strong aversion to children. Just ask Big Philip. I would complain all the way to church when we lived in Kentucky when I knew we had nursery duty. I'd sleep the rest of the day recuperating from the ordeal. Being around friends with kids in social situations drove me crazy because the kids wanted me to play with them the entire time. I mean, it's pretty hard to balance a wine glass while building a lego house, right? Now I try to be sensitive to friends who don't have kids because of this. Sometimes I see that same look in their eyes and I empathize, really I do. Big Philip has always been so good with children that I call him the human jungle gym. Don't think I didn't notice that when we were dating! I prayed he would rub off on me and he did. That and something chemical happens to women like me when they see their babies for the first time. It's complete love, no other way to describe it.

Anyone else have secrets they want to air out?


Hannah said...

not really a contemporary novel, but have you ever read Run with the Horseman by Ferrol Sams? It was written in the early 1980s, but it is set in depression era south. Beautifully written.


Philip and Renie said...

Thanks, Hannah. I'm intrigued! Requested it through JCLC just now.