Saturday, August 02, 2008

C Is for Cookie and Tunnel Vision

This week I promised Little Philip that we would make some cookies with his new cookie cutters he received for his birthday from his cousins. It is so brutally hot in Alabama this time of year, I am struggling to come up with activities ("active" being the key part of that word) to keep little man's attention during the day. As soon as I promised him cookie making it occurred to me that I needed to find a good recipe for cut out cookies, and since I am involved, it had to involve really good sugary icing. I found a good recipe in my Classic Betty Crocker cookbook my mother gave to me for Christmas the first year we were married.
I pulled out my beloved Kitchenaid that gets short shrift sitting in the closet these days. It made quick work of beating that sugar cookie dough into the perfect ball to chill overnight. Guess what Little Philip's first thing to say was yesterday when he woke up? "I want to make cookies." So we did. He picked out all the shapes he wanted to use from the 101 possible shapes. We made ducks, dogs, suns, stars, circles, hearts, dog bones, gingerbread men, airplanes, dinosaurs, and spelled out "Philip", "Mommy", and "Daddy." When the cookies were cooling, the "A" from Daddy disappeared. I think we had a little sneaky tester.
We also slept in our tunnel NeeNee and Poppy gave us for our birthday. We made it about an hour before we heard over the monitor him asking to get in his big bed. But we love playing in our tunnel filled with balls. He asks Mommy to get in a play with him saying "there is room for you in here." Technically there is room if I contort my body into some obscure yoga pose to squeeze through the tunnel to get in with him. It is eerily reminiscent of a certain experience I've had twice in life now.

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