Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh So Tired

Did I mention that at over five months of age, Helen is still not sleeping through the night? Did I also mention that she thinks bottles are a thing of evil? And did I mention that she believes pacifiers are spawns of the devil?

Sleep training is underway and we are down to two night wakings instead of three. Tuesday is the day we "break her" from her dependency on Elsie the Cow (that would be me) by forcing the bottle issue. She can still have the good stuff, but she is going to have to vary her drinkware, if you know what I mean. By next week, I am committed to waking each morning next to my husband again, instead of passing out exhausted in the spare bed in Helen's room.

In the meantime, I've no energy to even upload some recent pictures of happenings around the Moss house. I can't completely blame Helen. Afterall, watching the Olympics has burned the retina out of my eyes each night for sixteen days straight.

So briefly our happenings have included parting with our friend, Wilson, at his third birthday party. We've see super cute pictures from that on facebook (don't you want to join? We played with our friend, Lauren and her little sister, Emily, at Homewood Park and had a picnic lunch there. We also fed the ducks with our friend, Max. And you can see pictures from that on the Nipper's Corner here. Yep, my friend Renee is busy showing me up by updating her blog more regularly that I despite having just given birth two weeks ago.

What have we not done?
Changed the cat litter (actually cross that one out, thank you, Daddy!)
Completed potty training (then again, are men ever completely potty trained?)

Once I get a handle on my household this week by channeling some June Cleaver vibes, I'll be back in touch.


Katherine Moak said...

Renie, I feel for you on the night waking issue. It will get better, or at least when you look back in a year or two from now, time will have seemed to fly by. Thinking of you and remembering those nights that I slept on the couch with AT in her bouncy. I even slept in the floor under her bed a couple of times because I was too tired to go back to my own bed, knowing it would be a short time when I would need to return. Let's get together sometime!!! I do need to come get AT's doll and my cheapo sunglasses!

Shelia said...

It will get better Renie! Helen will decide that a bottle, while not as good as having milk straight from Mommy, will be ok sooner than later I hope. Hang in there!

Jen said...

It WILL get better! Can I ask you - how is potty training coming?? Making any progress? (I am looking for signs that you CAN train a 3 year old, as my darling is NOT making as much progress as Mommy would like. Please say there is light at the end of THAT tunnel. There is light for you at the end of the no sleeping tunnel. Adelaide is down to 1 night waking, and it often comes around 5am (which is a semi-human hour). So you will get there - soon! Hope all is well. We're looking forward to that home-made pie if we ever get back down that way.