Saturday, March 31, 2007


So last week, little Philip and I took Thursday off to have a play day together. Naturally, he got up at the crack of dawn so we headed to Homewood park before the mad rush of big kids arrived. It was so sweet because there were about ten little boys and girls about Philip's size. I brought our camera to take some pictures but when bubbles were such a big hit with all of the children, I put the camera in the tote bag which was sitting on a park bench. The weight of the camera made the bag tip over and out went our camera, crashing to the concrete ground. After a gasp, I was relieved to see that everything was in tact. The relief was short lived when a closer glance revealed that the shutter button had popped off. Good thing we bought that extended warranty. Sadly, the camera was shipped off to camera rehab and it will not be back in for at least four weeks. We'll do our best to find ways to fill the time between now and then.

Too bad we can't share the pictures of little Philip reciting Homer's Odyseey, tap dancing, oil painting and deciphering complex Calculus equations. You'll just have to take our word for it.

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