Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Soccer mom

After committing to having the roof and deck replaced, Philip's Toyota Camry was hit while he was in Guntersville making a school visit for work. It doesn't take much to total a 1996 Camry with over 160,000 miles on it so that's just what happened. Rather than put the money into repairing his car, we decided that it was time. I checked the very last bit of any cool factor I had remaining at the door and we drove out with our new (well, new to us) Honda Odyssey minivan. Little Philip is ecstatic and I must say the drive is pretty sweet. And even though we didn't pick the color, prioritizing price over most everything else involved, God did provide the ability for us to keep the maroon car tradition alive. Apparently, Philip has had four maroon cars. All by accident? I think not.

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Under African Skies said...

You had cool factor left? I'm unsure Renie. In fact, I'm very unsure. I mean, Dean of Students doesn't exactly say cool--otherwise, my dad would qualify. Even so, I miss hanging out with you in the office!