Friday, March 16, 2007

Roof and decking

Owning a home is so much fun, but sometimes it so expensive it hurts. The time had come for us to replace the old deck and the roof. The deck was weathered, gray, bowing in the middle, and all around just wasn't very safe for tiny little toes as the weather begins to turn warmer. Big Philip had even attempted to extend its life by filling in two rotten boards with an entire caulk tube of indoor wood putty. It worked in that we didn't slip on the morning frost or ice anymore on our way out the door. It didn't work in that it made the deck that much uglier. The roof's days were numbered and we knew that two years ago when we bought our little house. Replacing a roof just isn't very exciting which is why it hurts to have to pay for a new one. No one seems to notice the new roof and you want people to say "hey, looks like you got a new roof!" but they don't. It's just this silent, secretive but very necessary and expensive home repair that doesn't get noticed by anyone other than the homeowners. The more fun of the two projects was definitely the deck though. We look forward to lots of outdoor dinners and summer days on our new deck.

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