Sunday, July 08, 2007


Renie has officially been bitten by the tightwad bug. Every since we moved back to Birmingham, it has been a great joke to make fun of my mother for keeping a compost pile. She mainly kept in the kitchen rather than in the actual pile out back, just because my father was supposed to go dump it after meals and tended to forget. Bring on the fruit flies! For us Mosses, after realizing how expensive fertilizer is, let alone grass seed and sod to replace dead areas from either the dog or some unknown disease/tree root, why not try starting a compost pile? If nothing else, it makes you realize how little you eat regularly that can go in the pile. Our usual fare is a no-no for any compost pile: no chicken nuggets, fishsticks, leftover pizza, nachos, spaghetti, omelets. Yep, it's definitely time to overhaul the family diet too. I might just plan a small veggie garden (I can hear the groans coming from Philip now).

Onto the next tightwad symptom. This one is a good one for anyone in Birmingham or anyone planning to visit Birmingham. Active Culture is a website that promotes all sorts of freebie or really cheap events in the Birmingham area. Since we recently joined the Birmingham Zoo, we are entitled to get in free next Saturday to any organization, museum, or event associated with the Birmingham Cultural Alliance. It is called a reciprocal day. We will be celebrating Little Philip's 2nd birthday at the McWane Center, an extreme hands-on science museum, aquarium, and IMAX theatre complex for kids of all ages. There will be Bob the Builder exhibit which is sure to excite our little on. His birthday friend, Max, will also be there along with a few other little two year old friends. Then, if he's not too exhausted, we'll head over to Vulcan Park to go up to the top of the Vulcan statue for the best view of the city. All this would normally cost about $60 ticket prices but we'll enjoy it all for free thanks to Mommy's sleuthing. So, being a tightwad isn't so bad afterall!

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