Monday, July 30, 2007

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Little Philip has returned from almost a week away (as in out of state, somebody get proud of mommy!) with Mamie and Bop Bop Moss. He had a wonderful time in Brownsville, visiting all of his cousins and getting lots of love and kisses from his grandparents. Daddy was in Starkville and around Mississippi all week for a staff training retreat. That left Mommy at home, alone, up to no good. Yep, this wild woman had it made and made the most of it. I removed old caulk and re-caulked the tub, organized all the closets, and did a little laundry. I know what you're saying "whoa there, Mama! Don't over do it!" But it felt good to live a simple life, exercising a bit, but not enough. Cleaning a bit, but not enough. And sleeping without the white noise and occasional toddler noise on the monitor next to the bed. I took up the entire king size bed, and all the pillows. If only Direct TV has a sleep button on it, I would have had it made.

By Saturday I was losing it and ready to have my men back. I missed my husband terribly and really learned to appreciate the little things he does. I hate taking out the trash, trying to get the lawnmower up the deck stairs and into the backyard, changing the litter, picking up the newspaper out of the front yard. It's pathetic, I know.

We drove to Florence on Sunday to meet the Mosses and MeMe Floyd to pick up little Philip. He was a little confused when I picked him up. He fussed and reach for his Mamie. It was very sweet and I'm so glad he bonded with his Mamie and Bop Bop! We can't wait for pictures!

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