Monday, July 16, 2007


Our little boy turned two on Friday, July 13th. We celebrated his birthday for several days, to be sure everyone had their chance to sing to him. If you ask him how old he is he will tell you "two" and try to hold up two fingers. Saturday we went to the McWane Center with friends and had a cupcakes and juice boxes in the snack room before heading back up to play with the Bob the Builder exhibit and see the aquarium habitats. Philip loved the octopus that was showing off by walking up the wall, right at eye level for Philip.

On Saturday we celebrated his birthday with NeeNee and Poppy, as well as Aunt Lizzy, Aunt Ellen, and Uncle Robb. Philip loved being with his family and especially enjoyed the many, many helium and mylar balloons that Poppy had for him. On the other hand, Riley (the dog) is terrified of any room where one has found its perch. One of the balloons has frogs all over it. When we asked Philip was what on the balloon he immediately hit the ground and started to hop all over the room saying "ribbit!" Apparently they have recently read a story about frogs at school but Miss Margaret says they never get past the first few pages before the entire class starts hopping all over the place.

On Monday we had a little birthday at Philip's school and brought cupcakes for the class. Philip is every one's new best friend since he was the reason everyone got cake.

We can't believe our little boy is already two! We blinked and here we are. Being a parent is so much fun!

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Ellen said...

Oh my goodness...he looks like a real boy now, not in the Pinnochio sort of way, of course, but he doesn't look like a baby anymore! I think I'm in little nephew is growing up too fast! I guess this means soon, no more calling him "baby Philip."