Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sweet Moments Make for Good Memories

As I put little Philip to bed tonight, I couldn't help but to linger, staring down at him in his crib, softly rubbing his back as his little hands reached back to hold my fingers. I know I'm his Mama but it was one of those moments when I believe he is God's most beautiful creation. While I miss those quiet moments more and more I am also thankful that our little boy is starting to find his voice:
"Philip, what is your favorite color?" - "YELLOW!"
"Philip, what color is the tree? - "YELLOW!"
"Philip, what color is Riley? - "YELLOW" (he is black)
"Can you give Riley a hug?" - (running towards the dog) "Ra Ra!"
(Getting out of the mommyvan tonight and staring at the night sky) - "dars!" and "boon!"
"Philip, who made you?" - "Gah!" (God)
"Philip, who loves you?" - "Jessssssshhh" (Jesus)
"All around the mulberry bush, the money chased the weasel, the monkey laughed to see such a sight... (Philip interjects)'POP!' goes the weasel!"
"Philip, can you count Mommy's toes?" - "two, two, two, two ,two, two...."
(Reading Goodnight Moon) - "...and little young mouse" - "eeh! eeh! eeh!"
"Philip, is that a dinosaur on your shirt?" - "roooaaaaar!"
(When Mommy or Daddy enter the bathroom) - "tee tee? tee tee?"
(Pushing a truck or car around on the floor ) - "bbbbbbbrrrrrrrr" or "whoah!"
(Whenever we open the fridge) - "cheese!" or "juuuuush!"
Our favorite: "Philip do you love Mommy and Daddy? - "laaaaaahv" followed by a butterfly kiss or tight squeeze (our hugs)

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