Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reunion Wrap Up

Of all descendants of "Bah" and "Gigi", the two great-grandmothers that prompted this past weekend's Natchez reunion, 43% were in attendance. That's pretty darn good considering we came from New York, Chicago, Boston, Mobile, and Birmingham. I met cousins I've never met before and saw cousins, now adults, that I last saw in diapers. I am the third oldest great-greatchild and the two in front of me were born just months before me. One cousin in particular led to the realization that one of my students at BSC is her cousin too, making him my cousin by marriage. I was thankful that he is one of my favorite students and not one that loathes my presence due to a discplinary intervention. After a facebook message back and forth last night, he confronted me this morning when I arrived to work, saying "well, give me a hug cousin!" I also heard many wonderful stories as the generation above me reminisced about time they spent with their grandmothers. I learned that both my great-grandmother and "Gigi" started every sentence with "chile..." which makes me happy to think about. It's just good Southern family talk. That along with the word "fornication" which apparently was learned at an early age by my mother and her cousins. When translated into Southerness and used in a sentence it is "fornication as happy as this one we should all have drink!"

I also blew my diet on way too much good Southern comfort food at the Carriage House and one heck of a margarita from Fat Mama's Tamales, which is just across from Rosalie Mansion. I highly recommend one if you are ever there. Also, Pig Out BBQ in Natchez is everything Southern Living promised and more. I went back a second time, just to be sure. Besides, their restaurant wall makes me thankful I live in the South.

Little Philip was the youngest in attendance, being the first great-great-grandchild of "Bah and Gigi" who passed away many years ago. He was quite the trooper, staying up way past his bedtime and trying to be a well behaved little boy each night. Daddy was a good boy too.

Now we are off to the Moss Family Reunion at the beach. This will be my seventh Moss beach week, which means we have a six year anniversary coming up. I think I've earned my stripes enough to harass any new boyfriends or girlfriends that might show up, although everyone was nothing but welcoming and nice to me at my inaugural visit. Philip's cousin, Jimbo, is getting married on the beach during our trip which will be such a fun event. After all, Mosses are planning it!

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