Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Come Back Kid

Little Philip finally started turning the corner on Friday afternoon. Saturday was filled with activities to make up for being cooped up inside all week! First we started our day by watching Daddy run in the ALNEDA 5K Charity Run. He came in eighth in his age division.

Then, we headed over to the "We Love Homewood Day" community festival, where Little Philip enjoyed riding the train, walking around an inflatable obstacle course for toddlers, and playing with his balloons. Then Mommy and Daddy ate BBQ while Little Philip ate his hot dog. Then it was nap time.

After nap time, we did a little yard work, enjoying the warmth of the sun and getting Little Philip to start getting his strength back after being in our arms, literally, for six days straight.

Next, we reconnected with our "old" Kentucky home by watching the Kentucky Derby. Little Philip wanted to ride his horse while watching the historical moment. It was so cute we had to capture it on video. In the video we are cheering for a horse that's owners are here in Alabama. The horse is named for their Alabama farm.

Then, we attended our very first parade! Little Philip loved the policemen on motorcycles but like so many little boys, he especially liked the big red fire engine. Then, from across the street, he spotted his friend, Kate, who goes to school with him. After the parade ended, and not before he had a butterscotch sucker firmly implanted in his mouth, he and Kate said hi, giving each other the cutest little hugs and kisses.

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