Friday, May 25, 2007

Where Did We Come From and Where Are We Going?

This Memorial Day weekend we are headed to Natchez, MS for a family reunion on my maternal gradmother's side of the family. This is where Philip and I don't like to dig too deep into our family history. Somewhere, we are related, we're sure of it. This is the McCown-Sapp family reunion. The McCowns are first cousins to the Wettermarks. The Wettermarks are my mother's family. Honestly, I know a few names but this will truly be a treat to make some personal family connections! The weekend is filled with Southern hospitality, good food and tours of the historical homes and town in which our family began. For you genealogy or history buffs, this is Renie's genealogy that prompts this reunion.

Renie's great-great-great grandmother is:Rosa Marron who grew up in Natchez Mississippi, marrying John Hart of Omega Plantation, Vidalia, Louisiana.

Renie's great-great grandparents are Rosemary Hart , born on Omega Plantation in Vidalia Louisiana. She was educated at the Sacred Heart convent in Natchez before marrying my great-great grandfather, James Moore McCown He was born in Marshall, Texas. He met Rosemary Hart while working in Natchez, MS. They settled in Mobile, AL, where they raised 8 children. He was owner of McCown Oil Company in Mobile. Among the 8 children is my grandmother, Helen Wettermark, who had 7 children of her own. Among the 7 children is my mother, Irene Wettermark Porter.

Then Renie was born and all was good with the world :)

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