Sunday, June 21, 2009

Clone Time

When Little Philip was eight months old I posted a picture of Big Philip at the same age. The resemblance was uncanny. What is even more amazing is that with each milestone, son continues to be an almost complete clone of Daddy at the same milestones. Here is Big Philip, pictured on the left, at the 1979 Moss Family Reunion in Perdido Key. In this picture, he is four and a half years old.
And here is a picture of Little Philip at this year's reunion, just one month shy of his fourth birthday.
Scary isn't it? You should see what Little Philip will look like at his senior prom. Get in line girls. He's gonna be a heart breaker!


Stephanie said...

That is truly astonishing! Are you sure any of your DNA was involved? ;-)

The Hoppers said...

That is nuts!!!!!!! It is AMAZING how much Little Philip looks like his dad!

Clan Hill said...

So does Helen look as much like you as the Phillip's do?

Avery Tales said...

Wow! That's just crazy!!!