Saturday, June 27, 2009

Car Accident on Sunday, June 21st

Many friends and family members have heard bits and pieces about my car accident this past Sunday evening so after some prayer and thoughts, I'm posting the full story here. Sunday evening around 7:30 I headed to Publix for our weekly penny item(vanilla wafers this week) while Big Philip stayed home with the kids. I was stopped at the red light leaving our neighborhood, preparing to turn left onto a four lane highway towards Publix . When the light turned green, I proceeded to turn left. I was struck by someone running the red light. The impact took off most of the front end of our van but I was unscathed, not even a bruise or any soreness. I wish the story ended there but it does not.

In the next few seconds, the driver that hit me lost control of his SUV and struck a telephone pole. His girlfriend was also in the car and sustained multiple fractures but was conscious at the scene. Sadly, the driver, an eighteen year old male who just graduated from a prominent local high school this past May, died in transit to the hospital.

Big Philip has been out of town most of June working at MSU with their new student orientation. At the time of this accident, it just so happened that he was home for a few days in between his work obligations. Otherwise, the children would have been in the van with me, a thought that terrifies me.

Please pray for this young man's family who is grieving the loss of a son. An experience like this causes me to pray more fervently for God's wisdom in knowing His plan for me on this earth. It also makes me more thankful for the life I have been given. I share this experience in the hopes that you will feel the same way.


Miss Sheri said...

Oh Renie, I know this had to be hard to write. Glad you are OK!

Shelia said...

Renie, I just read this. I'm behind on my blog reading due to very limited internet access at the beach. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident! But, I'm really glad you're ok and the kids were not with you! AL is the worst state of any I've lived in for people running red lights!