Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back from the Beach And

We are back from the beach week in Perdido Key and it was a long and memorable week! Lots of cousin time and lots of pictures to download and sort. Sadly, at the close of the week my beloved grandfather, Papa Julian, passed away. He had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and was awaiting the results of a PET scan to see if the cancer had spread. Before those results were even read, he passed away, but we later learned that the cancer had spread to his brain. It was a blessing for him to pass so quickly, without any pain, but we all miss him dearly. As with any good Southern funeral, our tears were mixed with hugs and laughter with loved ones all around, along with a delicious outdoor picnic following the funeral at Papa Julian and Memaw's house. The setting was Papa Julian's beautiful pecan orchard and he would have been very happy to know we all enjoyed being a family together reminiscing out him and all our wonderful memories.

I will download pictures soon but we hit the ground running after our return late Monday night. The cupboard is bare so I need to get our household back up and running before I spend some time updating our blog.

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