Wednesday, June 03, 2009

King (Make that Princess) Sized Bed

This week has been a doozy of a week at the Moss house. Mommy started work at Mountaintop Community Church preschool which means Little Philip and Helen also started a new school. Little Philip is elated to be back in a school setting and by all accounts, is doing very well so far. Can you guess how the next paragraph will begin?

Helen is not transitioning well, something we all expected. Unfortunately, tomorrow is our last day for the week before heading to the Moss family reunion at the beach next week. That means that when we return, we will begin the transition all over again. We are confident that she will get into a routine but for now, Miss Helen is none too pleased to be leaving Mommy, even if it is just ten feet across the hall from Mommy's classroom. Her teachers are sweet and can be and they are being very patient with her, considering all the other children in her classroom are wondering what the heck her problem is.

Big Philip also left for Starkville today, where he will find his temporary abode in an MSU residence hall while he and his fellow staff members welcome all the new MSU students through new student orientation sessions throughout the month of June. We will miss Daddy tremendously but look forward to a few days here and there where he might be able to head home for a break. And if he does come home for a break, he hopes he will not have to share his bed with his little girl anymore. As you can see, her first night after starting school was not a restful one. After trying to rock her back to sleep when she work up at 4:00 a.m., Daddy relented and brought her to bed with us, where she promptly turned perpendicular to our bodies and began kicking Daddy in the head.


Avery Tales said...

I feel your pain. We just started at Dawson about 3 weeks ago and the transition hasn't been easy on the little guy. He was a little better this morning, I'm hoping the improvement will continue.

marissa said...

oh that is such a sweet picture