Thursday, April 02, 2009

Space & Rocket Center

Daddy was supposed to go camping this past Friday night but there was guaranteed bad weather that night. He had already claimed a vacation day from work so instead, we all went to Huntsville Space & Rocket Center. Our admission per person would have about $20 each but since we are members of the McWane Science Center here in Birmingham, we all got in for free! Truth be told, Little Philip was too young to really enjoy the exhibits. Online, it looked like there was a great hands-on exhibit for children but when we arrived, that exhibit had been dismantled. I wanted to say "can't you at least have a dress up section for the kids to put on the space suit?!" It was fascinating from an adult perspective to see pieces of old shuttles, engines, rockets, moon landers, etc., but Little Philip much preferred the "Energy Depletion Zone" which was about the same thing as a McDonald's indoor playground. Daddy rode the ride called the Space shot that "shot" him straight up in the air to simulate a space launch. We enjoyed watching him from below while we munched on goldfish.

I have to say that on the way there we stopped at Chik-fil-A in Huntsville. Maybe everyone else knows this already but I"ll say it anyway. They are so family friendly! As soon as we arrived, the manager came out and helped me roll a high chair by the outdoor playground for Helen. She brought us plastic placemats that stick to the tables for the kids and her staff come out with cloths to dry off the wet parts of the outdoor play equipment. At the end of our meal, she stopped by again and gave the children Chik-Fil-A cows. It is such a change from the usual meal where Mom barely eats anything, let alone anything hot after feeding everyone else!

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