Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Independent Little One

Philip and I get the shivers when we think about how strong willed Helen is, knowing that if this is a twelve month old's determination, what will she be like at sixteen? She communicates so well, but only because it gets her exactly what she wants, which is usually more food. She signs for "more" and "please" and shakes her head yes and no. When she is really hungry and unwilling to sign patiently, she wags her head and sticks her tongue out, smacking her lips, releasing intermittent outburst and yelps until she gets whatever it is she wants in her mouth. And here is the really frightening part. Do you see what she wanted to chew on this particular evening?

That right there is Mama's t-bone, or what was left of it after I devoured it. Yep, she is definitely her mother's child. Guys, she's going to be an expensive date.

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