Thursday, April 02, 2009

I Spy Bottle

I can't claim original thought for this one but I also can't figure out where I originally found this idea. I think it was on my new favorite children's craft blog The Crafty Crow but I can't be certain. It is an I Spy bottle. One 2 liter coke bottle, lots of rice and whatever little thingamabops you can find around the house. Little Philip picked some foam letters and shapes from an old craft bag consisting of a blue dolphin, a yellow letter M, and an orange giraffe. He also picked a brass button, a black and white cloth button, a wrench, green crayon, black spider, blue butterfly, die cut red apple, die cut grey starfish, a screw. a penny, a marble we found in the yard while uprooting tree roots, a matchstick, safety pin, rubber bands, silver washer, and a greenish pebble. We could have put so much more in but we decided that was enough. Simply hot glue, super glue, or something-stronger-than-Elmer's glue it shut with the bottle cap. A smaller version with a water bottle is also convenient for road trips but we've given up bottled water and did not have any little bottles to use. Little Philip has a lot of fun spinning his I Spy bottle around, finding all of the items, squealing with delight when he spots what he set out to find.

The highlight for me had to be this:

Because you know mommy intentionally put that in there.

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Olivia said...

Cool! I'll have to try that one for Anna Ruth...I bet she'd love it.
It will not have any dog hairs in it since we do not have a dog, but I can guarantee that one of my hairs will get in there! :)