Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Soccer Update

Well, it's week four of soccer in the books and Little Philip has improved...a little. He still has trouble staying focused and in the game which is, well, everything. You may recall that his first week he stayed planted in the same place staring up at the sky screaming "I SEE THE MOON!" This week, when his team kicked off to the other team, he stayed put screaming "THE CLOUDS ARE MOVING!" A few more weeks to go and we are hoping for a miracle.

Just in case soccer doesn't take, we are introducing baseball as a suitable alternative. Tonight Daddy took son to the MSU vs. UAB baseball game. Both daddy and son were decked out in maroon and white and Little Philip was excited to eat some stadium dogs and cheer on the dawgs. Daddy returned with footage of the experience, which lasted one inning before heading home.

The focus on the game is incredible, isn't it? "Don't look down" -- Down at what?!

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Shelia said...

Bo and Phillip should get together for a game. Bo paid a babysitter last Sat. so he could see uab and ecu play!