Friday, March 27, 2009

Help Whitey

When Big Philip was a little boy he had two stuff animal horses he played with, Fuzzy (brown) and Whitey (white). Both show heavy wear and tear from the many years they were treasured by a young boy. Little Philip brought them back from Brownsville recently and they have now joined an army of animals he sleeps with at night. We recently had Aunt Ellen and Uncle Rob over for dinner and, as has become our custom, we did not sit down to dinner until about 8:30, after we put the kids to bed. In this way, we can have uninterrupted adult conversations...or so we thought.

We are about finished eating at 9:30 pm when we hear over the monitor, "DADDY! HELP WHITEY! HELP WHITEY! COME QUICK! HELP WHITEY!" Daddy goes in and finds Little Philip horrified, pointing to Whitey who has metal sticks poking out from his hooves. Daddy took Whitey out of the room and this left Little Philip thinking that Whitey was going to end up in the trash can like the little dog did about a month ago. More wailing and crying ensued. Daddy promised him that we would fix, I mean, help Whitey and left the room. I'm not sure how we are going to help Whitey but I'm going to give it a try. Maybe while I'm sewing up the feet I can give Whitey the ear he seems to be missing as well. For now, a very large adult human sized brown dog, courtesy of NeeNee and Poppy, is the new bedfellow.


"Max Whale" said...

You just need to get new felt and sew it on....I have fixed many an animal's nose, hooves, etc....I can help you if you need it.

Marshall said...

So cute Renie! I love your blog, and I can't believe Helen is 1!!! She and Philip are so cute! I can't believe the roots y'all dug up! Looking forward to seeing you guys at the beach!