Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Was Tagged

The rules...

1.) Go to the place on your computer and choose the 4th folder.

2.) Choose the 4th picture in that folder.

3.) Explain the photo.

4.) Tag 4 others to do the same.

Sincerely tagging Kelli, Renee, Margaret, Taylor

This is from a 2006 Memorial Day weekend trip to Sandestin, FL with our friends the Cotners. Their son, Matthew, is a few months older than Little Philip. Matthew had just recently turned one and Philip was soon to be one in July. The two of them were so cute, waddling around the beach, poolside, and condo. One of the sweetest and funniest moments was the two of them on the screened porch, eating watermelon in their diapers. Looking at Helen now, it is remarkable how much she looks like her brother!

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