Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Crafty

Six months ago I quit work, a painfully emotional decision but one that provided invaluable time with the little ones and time to discern what else I can do in life to earn a modest living. I secretly want to be an amazing chef and seamstress. I lack a kitchen in which to learn the skills to be a chef and to be a seamstress I need to learn to sew first. Since I was limited to buying milk, eggs, and bread at the grocery yesterday I'm guessing our family budget does not allow for moving to a larger house or a nice kitchen renovation. Given that, I am starting sewing lessons tomorrow night! I'm nervous because my sewing machine is old and nothing fancy, and I don't want to be "that student" who constantly has to ask for personal attention in a group class setting. Tomorrow night's class is a basic introduction, no machine required. That's good. Ease me in gently.

I've taught myself some basic skills, thanks to the worthy instruction of a few friends and family. The result is a few appliqued shirts I've completed this week and listed for sale on my new fave site, I even added a link on this blog in the right sidebar (see? right there------> ). Since I can now smock some basic and moderate smocking patterns, I'm thinking of completing some inserts and placing them on etsy as well. I don't know how to make the inserts into completed garments yet so that will be my next skill to gain.

I still have a few more quilted honeycomb pieces and after a fun window shopping day with my sister, Ellen, I have some ideas on how to use them. We went to a great little store called Naked Art on the Forest Park area of Birmingham. The earthy chic that has lain dormant in me for some time came screaming out. What a cool store! Homemade and recycled everything turned into functional and funky art and clothing. Who would have thought to use shrinky dink sheets to make nightlights! I was especially drawn to the night lite of Birmingham's statue of Vulcan. We do need a nightlight in the front bathroom now that Little Philip is potty trained(ing). I would like to say that class and discretion kept me from buying it but again, the groceries were milk, eggs, and bread this week. If we can't even afford lunch meat, I certainly wasn't coming home with a shrinky dink nightlight of a naked iron god.

Anyway, it was a great inspirational trip and my head is swimming with ideas, not to mention the joy of simply hanging out with my little sister. If I can transfer those ideas into reality and earn a little income for the family, I will be thrilled. After all, I have always been blessed to love my work, and I pray that whatever work I do in the future, will continue to be something I love doing.

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Clan Hill said...

call me any time you have a sewing question. i also have my text book from college you can borrow. it's from my introduction to sewing class andit's awesome. just let me know. as for a pastel shirt for moh, i probab;y have one, but it might have a print on it, which i think would look cool with the appliqued quilt on top, if that;s what you were thinking. i can look for a plain top the next time i'm at walmaet.
can you tell i'm typing with one hand?