Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 Resolutions - from Renie

In case you missed last year's resolutions, click here for a review.

Renie's 2008 Report on Resolution Achievement

1. I did stop biting my nails. This is a huge achievement considering I obliterated my nails all but the last six months of my 34 years.

2. I do stop to breathe, usually pray, but definitely have decreased my anxiety and stress in life. I'm still working on it but who isn't.

3. Still working on the correct order of priorities. I really need to put God first in my life, and mean it. I think the key is to start a regular routine each day so there is no excuse for not getting my quiet time with God.

4. Send birthday greetings to friends and family. I failed miserably at this about the third week in January. The result? No one got cards or greetings unless you are on face book (since it prompts me to tell you every time you log in). So if you were one of the lucky birthday cards those first two weeks in January, consider yourself lucky. Everyone else, I'm sorry and I really will try to do better this year.

5. Helen was, indeed, less than nine pounds at birth, weighing in a 7 pounds 12 ounces, mind you, almost a month early. If not for that pesky stomach bug that prompted early labor, I am pretty confident I would have given birth to another Thanksgiving turkey.

6. Achieving world peace seems even more impossible given the headlines these days. Just another reminder that anything and everything is possible with God, rather than as a result of my futile efforts.

Renie's 2009 Resolutions

1. Quiet time, every day, without fail.

2. Baby weight must be gone. Goal? 20 pounds shed by Moss Beach Reunion, first week of June.

3. Learn to sew drapes and garments. I'm already taking my first real sewing class this month. By the end of the class I should be able to sew a Lucy a-line jumper for Helen. I also want to learn how to put in a smocked insert to the Lucy jumper and how to put together a bishop dress that has been smocked. My goal? To make some money to add family income...once I learn such skills.

4. Potty train Little Philip. Seriously, folks, we are so close. Philip rarely has an accident anymore and it is usually out in public rather than in the house. However, if he sees you typing on a computer, please excuse him when he asks you if you poo pooed on the potty. You see, he gets 20 minutes of computer time every time he poo poos on the potty so he naturally assumes you did the same. Just say yes and enjoy the high spirited affirmation from a three year old for controlling your bowels.

A Christmas wrap up post is coming, once I gather pictures from all the family members I nagged to take pictures for us since our camera is in for repair. Without giving too much away, we traveled a lot, and celebrated with family, a lot. More to come.


ruthie said...

You are so funny, I laugh everytime I read your posts.

Hilary said...

If you don't fail at don't need it anyway.

Jen said...

ok, Renie. How did you stop biting your nails? Help me??? Thanks!