Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Getting Around to the Baby Book

When Philip was born, I didn't have a baby book until Mamie Moss bought one after we came home from the hospital. I simply forgot! When Helen was born, I was determined to have her baby book ready for her arrival. Since she came three weeks early we spent much of the last six weeks completing her room, installing carseats, and making room for baby in our tiny yet charming home.

The result is that I am just now starting to put her baby book together. Big Philip did remember to save the newspaper from March 18th, the day she was born. The headlines are pretty dismal these days so I have struggled to find something funny or positive to put on the page that asks for a newspaper clipping. Other than our dismal economy, rising gas prices, and a certain New York politican that stepped down after being discovered with a prostitute (not the kind of thing you want to put in a baby book) I laughed out loud when I read Little Helen's horoscope for the day:

You see external results from the work you've been doing on the inside.

Isn't that just hilarious?

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