Sunday, May 04, 2008


Little Philip leaving school seeing a red minivan like ours: That's Mommy's car!
Daddy: That looks like Mommy's car.
Little Philip: That's because it IS Mommy's car, silly goose.

Little Philip drags his rocking horse into the living room during the Kentucky Derby.
Mommy: Philip, what is your horsey's name?
Philip looks confused.
Mommy asks in a different way: Philip, what do you call your horsey?
Philip says "HERE, HORSE!"

Tossing a beach ball around the room, Mommy says "throw the ball to Riley (dog), Philip!"
Philip: No, Riley can't catch because he doesn't have hands.


Shelia said...

Very cute! Is Little Philip feeling better? Callen's fever hit 104 Sat. night but seems to have broken since then, thank goodness.

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

So funny!!