Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Holiday at the Mosses

We left Wednesday afternoon to head north to Brownsville to spend the holiday with the Moss family. Thursday was spent at the farm doing the traditonal Moss family things...walking through the woods, chopping wood, riding the kaboda, sitting around the campfire. These are all the grandchildren around the fire. It was smoky and very cold.

Elizabeth joined us at the farm and had a good time playing with Philip. In this shot they were riding the mule. You can see how Philip is dressed to get an idea of how cold it was that day.

Friday morning we slept late and got ready for the Egg Bowl. Renie and the women went shopping and left the men to make rotel and watch the game. Mississippi State played poorly and Big Philip gave up on the dawgs in the fourth quarter and headed to join Jamie and Bop Bop deer hunting. It was a good day for the Mosses. Not only did Mississippi State win but Jamie and Big Philip both killed 8-points. No, we do not have new wall decoration for our living room. Big Philip is waiting on a bigger deer to mount.

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