Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bananas and Turkey

The baby size comparison this week is that baby girl Moss is now the length of a banana, approximately 10 inches long. My check up this week assured us that so far, I am not going into preterm labor as I did with Little Philip. I'm getting sweet little kicks and jabs now, reassuring me that this a healthy pregnancy. Little Philip has regressed to not responding to our conversations about his baby sister anymore. However, our affectionate and sweet little boy will give Mama's belly a big hug and kiss, gently patting and saying "Mama's baby."

We are considering doing FLOR carpet tiles for the new baby's room. We are trying to find someone else that may have used these carpet tiles. I am specifically interested to know if, when vacuumed, they pull up off the floor, possibly separating from each other over time. It is a relatively inexpensive product and the patterns are really cute and bright for a child's room. If anyone has FLOR tiles in their home or knows if they wear well with hardwoods and vacuuming, please let me know!

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Mosses this year, we give thanks for all of our family and friends! We wish you happy fat bellies stuffed with turkey and all the trimmings, and happy endings to all your holiday football games.

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Ellen said...

I like how the blog color is changing in accordance with the color of whatever size fruit or veggie your baby-girl-on-the-way is!hehe