Monday, December 03, 2007

Spaghetti Squash

Baby Girl Moss now has a name. We plan to name her Helen Boyce Moss. Helen is a name on both sides of the family, in that her maternal great grandmother's name is Helen and her paternal great aunt and great-great aunt are both Helen as well. Boyce is her Mama's middle name, the middle name of her maternal grandmother and the middle name of her maternal great grandfather. It is also the name of a little town in Louisiana, Rapides Parish, named for her maternal great-great-great-great grandfather/grandmother, Henry and Irene Boyce. We learned tonight at my birthday dinner with the Porter family that Grandma Porter's (Little Helen's maternal great-great grandmother) middle name was also Helen. All these years we thought it was Ruth Ellen but apparently, it was Ruth Helen. My sister Ellen, was apparently named for Grandma Porter. Whoops.

So Helen it is. Helen Boyce Moss. Her initials will be HBM which is better than the second choice which was HAM. We just couldn't bare to do that.

At 22 weeks, Little Helen is now the length of a spaghetti squash, weighing in at just about a pound now. At this point, her teeth buds are beginning to form. We've settled on colors for her room, pink and green, considering the walls are already a light pastel green. Big Philip is working on refinishing an antique twin bed for Little Philip's room, so that the crib can move across the hall to Little Helen's room. We will be taking the daybed from my childhood years and putting that in Helen's room too. I learned my lesson with Little Philip so I want to be sure there is a bed in her room for Mama to crash on for late night feedings.
Oh, and we ordered some sample squares of FLOR carpet tiles. They definitely look modern and industrial, and certainly don't feel very good underfoot. I'm glad we ordered samples first because it's just not going to work for our style of house. Little Philip plays with the five color squares, and for at least two of the textures, they are a magnet for pet hair. That is about as far we we've come in preparing for baby number two. Time is flying by!

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Clan Hill said...

I don't remember settling on that name at Ruby Tuesday's! I'm just kidding. I think it's beautiful.
I'm with you on the bed in the baby's room. I have already told Jason that whenever that happens, we are having a separate bed for me to crash on!