Monday, September 18, 2006

Uh-Oh, we've got our first word

For the past week, we thought we've heard it. He came for a visit to Mommy's office and her colleagues said they heard it. We tried to ignore it in favor of a more traditional first word like "ball" or "dog" or "cat." In the end, we can't deny it any longer. Daddy's first word was horse. Little Philip's first word is "uh-oh." Maybe it's a good thing. His first word (or phrase to get picky) is two syllables. Does that make him verbally advanced? I'd rather think that than how many times "uh-oh" is going to be a justified response in the near future. He'll intentionally walk around the living room, drop a book or his sippy cup and look up at one of us and say really slowly "uh-oh", dragging out the "oh" part a bit for dramatic effect. At the dinner table when he gets full he will start to drop things onto the floor like banana slices or fish sticks. Our dog, Riley, loves those "uh-ohs."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

We have crabs, the good kind

We've said it before, we'll say it again. It's good to be back in the Deep South. Poppy Porter was headed to the lake for the weekend but before he left, he dropped off five soft shell crabs for us to cook. I've never cooked soft shell crabs so straight to the internet I went. Thankfully, the shop had already cleaned them for us so I just had to figure out exactly how to cook them. The most popular way to cook soft shell crabs is to fry them so that's just what we did. Paired with the Moss family BBQ shrimp recipe, a crisp salad, nice glass of wine and a big shell bowl in the middle, we were ready to eat. Little Philip sat at the table with us and enjoyed his PBJ sandwich, vanilla soy milk, goldfish, and string cheese. Everyone was happy. Thanks Poppy Porter! Just to make up for that horrendous post about what is now known as the last Hamburger Helper supper, here is a picture before we sat down to eat.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daddy's New Job

Big Philip has taken a new job, kind of a dream job so to speak. Anything that brings him back to his beloved Mississippi State University is a dream to him. He is the Assistant Director of Admission and Scholarship for MSU. His territory is North Alabama which is a huge area to cover but an area with a lot of potential for new student recruitment. Right now, he is in Starkville for three days of training. I'm at home single parenting and also assisting with fraternity recruitment at BSC which is going on right now. Little Philip came with me to tonight's recruitment rounds and he walked up and down the sidewalks, trying to follow the potential new members, even trying to go into a few houses. Just in case students thought Mommy was intentionally leading him down specific fraternity sidewalks to their front doors, Mommy then forced him to walk up and down the remaining two houses that did not get a voluntary walk by Little Philip. Afterall, we are interfraternal. Despite popular myth, some deans of students actually do like fraternities.

This is actually the first time I think Little Philip comprehends that his Daddy is gone. He was wandering from room to room tonight babbling "dadadadadadada." Baby Einsten isn't holding Little Philip's attention long enough anymore for Mommy to shower in the morning. We are looking forward to having Daddy back with us.

Monday, September 11, 2006

First haircut

It may not look dramatic, but it is an improvement. Little Philip was starting to look like he had a serious comb over and a Billy Ray Cyrus thing going on off the back with a twinge of curl. It looked like cotton candy with a mullet. Daddy has been prodding Mommy to cut his hair for several weeks. Mommy relented finally and cut my hair herself. How do you like my new do?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Big Boy Toys

We grew into some big boy toys this weekend. First and foremost, everytime we go grocery shopping we wonder, are we big enough to drive the car while Mommy and Daddy shop? Saturday we took our driving test and passed with flying colors. Little Philip spun that steering wheel the entire time we shopped for Labor Day grilling supplies. Then we decided that the entire family needs to spend more time outside. With the fall approaching, we decided to take up biking again. We bought each other bikes for a first anniversary gift and for the most part, the bikes have been in the garage since the move to Birmingham. So today we bought a really cool bike trailer for Little Philip. There is even room for number two when he/she comes along! In the meantime, Little Philip is eager to have a friend join him for a bike ride. He's still not sure about his helmet but is willing to give it a shot for a really fast ride down the hill.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sick Day

Little Philip started day care at Trinity United Methodist church on Tuesday. Our Miss Sarah only have four weeks left before her baby comes! The week has been fine except for yesterday afternoon when Mommy picked him up. Miss Geraldine was holding him and he looked so very tired. She said she thought he was teething because he only slept for thirty minutes and woke up crying. This morning Little Philip woke up with a 101 fever so Mommy is keeping him home today to snuggle and just feel better. We had cold watermelon for breakfast along with some icy cold vanilla milk to soothe his hurt gums where his molars are coming in. Now we are just snuggled up on the couch learning our shapes by watching Baby Einstein's Baby Newton. Don't we look pitiful?